Rainbow Book Chair

This chair is designed for the children’s library, the color could be changed to fit different interior atmosphere. The concept is playing with the original element of a book: pages, layers and the action of open. The pages were cut to create positive and negative shape to fit the human body. In terms of the material, yoga mat was chosen as a prototype, felt would be another choice in this design.

¦ 2012; Yoga mat, Aluminium; Providence, RI

¦ Dimensions: 26″ × 26″ × 5.5″

Empty Chair 11

Empty chair

This is a follow-up design of the zip chair. I want to continue is the design principle of ‘simple cut & tie’. Finally I finished with a cone shape. Then I rolled up a piece of felt in the same way as an insert piece. Because it is empty, so this chair is also a storage space: whatever you put in it becomes your cushion. Now your seldom-used sleeping bag can be used everyday, or you can surprise your guests by pulling out a whole set of bedding from your seat in front of them.

¦ 2013; Polypropylene, Felt; Providence, RI

¦ Dimensions: 36″ × 26″ × 26″


Zip Chair

This chair was started with two words: plastic & easy. The sitting surface is laser cut out from a polypropylene sheet by six simple cutting lines,then gathered to a single point on either side to be secured with the zip ties. It is this act of gathering those ends that created the curve of the seat. It can be used indoors and outdoors.

¦ 2012; Polypropylene, steel; Providence, RI

¦ Dimensions: 36″ × 26″ × 26″




This is a set of paper tea light designed for meditation time. Paper is a good choice to create a peaceful atmosphere beacuse its own natural feeling. These tea lights are pre-cut on unfolded paper in different patterns so people can interact with it to create the aura of their own art.

¦ 2011; Paper; Providence, USA.

¦ Dimensions: 6″ × 2.5″ × 2.5″


Folding Vases

This set is a follow-up design of the ceramic empty vases, designed for dried flower as well. This set starts from the words ‘empty vases + folding”. In the original set I use the vase’s outline as the frame. So as a continuous project I use the same principle in this design by draw the silhouette and laser cut it out from a piece of steel, then fold it into a corner shape.

¦ 2013; Steel; Providence, RI

¦ Dimensions: 8″ x 3.5″ x 2.5″

Empty Vase

Empty Vases

How to make a ceramic piece empty while they are already empty? These vases are designed to evoke their simplest forms – playing with negative space and the notion of vases as containers. What remains are outlined suggestions of a vase, which serve to support and uphold the dried flowers within. They are empty in visual but practical to use.

¦ 2011; Ceramic; Providence, RI

¦ Dimensions: 7″ × 4″ × 2.5″

Che 1a
Che 1


This is an installation, but also a meditation space. Color changing spotlights was used in this design. Each light bulb can turn its color gradually along with the spectrum in a circle, which makes the colors seem moving from the first bulb to last one. With the meditative music, I hope people can enjoy a few minutes’ escape from their intensive life.

¦ 2009; PVC Board; Beijing, China

¦ Dimensions: Full Room Size


Folding Stool

This is an experimental design on leather. I laser cut 1/8″ thickness aluminum piece as the structure of the folding stool, leather was used as both the hinge and the cover. Because of the material combination and the special way of folding, this stool can be very thin and portable, but strong enough for an adult.


¦ 2011; Leather, Aluminum; Providence, RI

¦ Dimensions: 15″ × 13″ × 15″

Cherry Blossom (Link to Vimeo)

Cherry Blossom

This is a small installation using the principle of domino. To imitate the feeling of cherry blossom, I chose light weight paper as the material to slow down the movement, then twice the weight in the upper part, so they flip over slowly like cherry petals fall down from the tree.

¦ 2011; Paper; Providence, RI

¦ Dimensions: 3″ × 2.5″ × 1″

Greek Bench
Fabric Model
Wire Mesh Model
Greek Clothes Styles

Greek Bench

A bench design for RISD museum’s greek gallery. I was inspired by the classical sculpture, but I want to finish it in an artistic way: design an unique bench just for this certain place, at the mean time, it is an installation, an experience, an art work. Have you ever sit on a statue’s knee in a museum?

¦ 2011; Fabric, Epoxy, Fiber Glass; Providence, RI

¦ Dimensions: 48″ × 40″ × 22″